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Committees & Task Forces    

CJS Committees

Committees and Task Forces offer Criminal Justice Section members the best opportunity for direct involvement in Section activities, such as organizing CLE offerings, developing publications and policy proposals. See Committee Missions, Goals, Activities Highlights, and Resources within respective committee descriptions on this page.

2023-2024 - Committee Leadership

Get Engaged: Join CJS Committees

User will need to enter ABA member username and password to access myABA, select "Manage Membership," then select "Join Committees," and choose specific committees to join.

2023-2024 Committee Goals

Goals for the 2023-2024 year are listed under each committee listing below.

White Collar Crime National Institute Scholarship Application

2024 WCC Institute Scholarship Application (Submission Deadline: December 18, 2023)

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Podcast Series: White Collar Talks with Nina and Joe

This podcast series of JustPod, CJS Podcast, features leading white collar practitioners discussing hot topics and emerging trends in government investigations and enforcement.

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Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Program

This program provides opportunities for lawyers in under-represented groups to actively participate within the Criminal Justice Section and prepare them to take on leadership roles within the Section.

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CJS Committees are grouped in Divisions

Equal Justice Division; Corrections and Sentencing Division; Specialized Practice Division; Professional Development Division; Communication, Membership & Services Division; White Collar Crime Division -- See descriptions and activities of CJS Committees listed under the corresponding Divisions below.

CJS Committees in Divisions

Equal Justice Division

Juvenile Justice | LGBT | Mental Health | Military Justice | Racial Justice & Diversity | Tribal Lands | Victims | Women in Criminal Justice

Committee - Details

Corrections and Sentencing Division

ADR & Restorative Justice | Alternatives to Incarceration & Diversion | Corrections | Law Enforcement| Parole & Probation | Pretrial Justice | Re-entry & Collateral Consequences | Sentencing

Committee - Details

Specialized Practice Division

Amicus Review | Appellate and Habeas Practice | Cyber Crime | Global Anti-Corruption | Homeland Security, Terrorism & Treatment of Enemy Combatants | Immigration | International | International White Collar

Committee - Details

Professional Development Division

Academics | CLE | Defense Function | Ethics, Gideon & Professionalism | Judicial Function | Past Chairs Function | Prosecution Function | Science, Technology and Forensics

Committee - Details

Communication, Membership & Services Division

Awards | Book Board | Criminal Justice Magazine Editorial Board | Diversity & Inclusion | DOJ Dialog | Solo & Small Firm | Legislative & Policy | Long Range Planning | Membership | Young Lawyers/Law Student Development

Committee - Details

White Collar Crime Division

White Collar Crime Committee | Women in White Collar Subcommittee

Committee - Details

ABA Criminal Justice Standards Project

Standards Committee | Standards Task Forces

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Task Forces

Corporate Criminal Liability | The First Step Act | Forensics Ethics | Fourth Amendment at the Border | Immigration | International Standards | The Role of Plea Bargaining | State Policy Implementation Project | Women in Criminal Justice

Task Force - Activities

Featured Task Force Activities

Task Force: Women in Criminal Justice met in Albuquerque, New Mexico (photo), Seattle and Spokane, Washington for programming and a listening session and the sharing of untold stories of women in criminal justice.

CJS - Task Forces

Report: Pulling Back the Curtain

A Follow-Up Report from the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Task Force: Women in Criminal Justice.

View - The Report

Plea Bargaining Report

The ABA CJS Plea Bargaining Task Force released its report on the state of plea bargaining in the US and its 14 Principles for reforming the plea bargaining system.

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Report on the First Step Act Implementation

The ABA Criminal Justice Section has released a report from its Task Force on the Implementation of the First Step Act that includes three concerns surrounding the implementation of the criminal justice reform law that was enacted in 2018.

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Committee/Task Force Reports

2022-2023 Activities

FAQs on CJS Committees

Benefits and expectations of committee membership