Charles R. English Award

For judges, prosecutors, the defense bar, academics, and other attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section and have distinguished themselves by their work in the field of criminal justice.

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Frank Carrington Crime Victim Attorney Award

Awardees are attorneys or legal service providers (including organizations) who have either directly represented specific victims in criminal, juvenile, or appellate courts or who have worked to promote or implement policies to improve the treatment of crime victims in the criminal justice system.

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Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award

For an active member of the bar who devotes a significant portion of his or her legal practice to youth and children, and is making positive contributions to the field both in and outside the courtroom.

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Norm Maleng Minister of Justice Award

The award is bestowed on a prosecutor who embodies the principles enunciated in the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, Prosecution Function, particularly that “the Duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict.”

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Raeder-Taslitz Award

This award is given to a law professor whose excellence in scholarship, teaching or community service has made a significant contribution to promoting public understanding of criminal justice, justice and fairness in the criminal justice system, or best practices on the part of lawyers and judges.

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Albert Krieger Champion of Liberty Award

This award recognizes defense attorneys who embody the principles enunciated in the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, Defense Function.

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