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Criminal Justice Section

"The Unified Voice of Criminal Justice" – With its diverse membership of  criminal justice professionals, the ABA Criminal Justice Section is uniquely situated to bring all the various actors to the table to address today's most pressing criminal justice issues.

New Project Report: Judgment Drafting

The first installment in a series of International Criminal Law Practice Project publications identifying best practices and providing practical guidance for common challenges faced by practitioners of international criminal law. Judgment Drafting addresses a range of issues unique to the complex judgments produced through atrocity crimes cases.


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New Episodes on JustPod, the CJS Podcast

Two new hosts, Justin Danilewitz and Geonard Butler, are leading JustPod's general programming. Nina Marino and Joe Whitley will continue to host "White Collar Talks" series.

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Legal Education Police Practices Consortium

The Consortium aims to contribute to the national effort examining and addressing legal issues in policing and public safety, including conduct, oversight, and the evolving nature of police work. The Consortium will leverage the ABA’s expertise and that of participating ABA accredited law schools to collaborate on projects to develop and implement better police practices throughout the United States.

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CJS Committees

Committees offer CJS members the best opportunity for direct involvement in Section activities, such as organizing CLE offerings, developing publications and policy proposals.

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Contact Us

The American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036 (202) 662-1500, Email: [email protected] Social Media Hashtag: #ABACJS.