Task Forces

Campus Sexual Misconduct

Task Force's Recommendations & Report

Corporate Criminal Liability

Co-Chairs: Andrew Boutros, Joseph Warin

The First Step Act

Chair: Jim Felman

This task force will be examining the requirements of the First Step Act and proposing recommendations for its implementation.

News Release on the Task Force's Report

The Report of the Task Force on the Implementation of the First Step Act  

Forensics Ethics

Matthew Redle, Chair

Fourth Amendment at the Border 

Josh Dratel, Chair


Raul Ayala, Chair

International Standards

Co-Chairs: Glenna MacGregor and Steven Kay, QC

The International Standards Task Force leads a global group of practitioners in creating a resource for practitioners of international criminal law (ICL), not currently available, which provides a dynamic repository of best practices, including practical guidance that reflects agreed underlying principles to address the challenges faced by those occupying different roles in ICL proceedings. The Task Force is fundamentally directed at the goal of ensuring proceedings are fair, just, timely, and effective in carrying out and conveying accountability for grave international crimes.

The Role of Plea Bargaining 

Co-Chairs: Lucian Dervan, Russell Covey 

The task force closely examine the role of plea bargaining in our modern system of criminal justice.  Its goal is to develop both broad policy oriented goals for the criminal justice system and, where necessary, specific recommendations for changes in the way plea bargaining operates within the larger criminal justice environment.  These issues will be examined from the perspective of all those involved in the criminal justice system, including prosecutors, defenders, defendants, judges, victims, and others.   

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State Policy Implementation Project

Jonathan Gitlin, Chair

Task Force: Women in Criminal Justice

Co-Chairs: Carla Laroche and Tina Luongo 

Goals and Objectives: Highlight the challenges facing women practitioners in the criminal legal system and the unfortunate trend of women leaving the profession.

Provide recommendations to address the concerns specific to women in the criminal legal profession; and raise the influence and profile of women practitioners.

The Women in Criminal Justice Task Force met in Seattle and Spokane, Washington during June 13-15, 2019. The Task Force continues to host listening sessions for the sharing of experiences of women in criminal justice.

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