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Committees FAQs

Why join a committee?

To receive the most up-to-date legal information in a specific area of the criminal justice field and to get to know some of the leading practitioners in that arena; to network, exchange ideas, offer client referrals, and collaborate with other members with similar interests; and keep informed about upcoming committee activities such as committee meetings, programs, and much more.

What are the various committees in which I can serve as a volunteer with the Criminal Justice Section?

You can view the various committees at the CJS Committees site.

What are the requirements for joining committees?

You need to be a member of the Criminal Justice Section

What are expected of committee members?

Communication and participation via committee listserve, attend committee meetings (if available), publish in committee publications (if available). 

How often do committees meet?

Depends on specific committees -- some meet few times a year, through combination of conference calls and/or face-to-face meetings at CJS events.

Do committees publish materials?

Yes, committees publish reports, resource guides, and newsletters.

For more information concerning the Criminal Justice Committees, please send email to Regina Ashmon, the Committee Specialist.