Criminal Justice Resolutions Passed at the 2019 ABA Annual Meeting:

The ABA House of Delegates adopted the following CJS-sponsored resolutions on criminal justice policy: 101 - Urges Congress to make the ameliorative provisions of the First Step Act retroactive and urges the President and Attorney General to take action to implement the provisions of the Act. (Adopted as revised); 104 - Urges Congress to enact legislation to resolve the current stalemate between state and federal law over marijuana regulation and to update federal marijuana policy (Adopted); 118 - Emphasizes the right of parents and children to family integrity and family unity and the maintenance of family connectedness if a child does need to enter foster care (Adopted).

Criminal Justice Resolutions Passed at the 2019 ABA Midyear Meeting

The ABA House of Delegates adopted the following Criminal Justice Section Resolutions: • 109A: Urges rescinding the “Zero Tolerance” and “Operation Streamline” immigration policies and allows for individualized determination on whether to file criminal charges. • 109B: Urges legislatures to define criminal arrests, charges and dispositions that are eligible for expungement and set out procedures for individuals to apply for the same. • 109C: Urges legislatures to enact legislation to provide all women prisoners with unrestricted access to free toilet paper and a range of free feminine hygiene products. • 109D: Urges legislatures to clearly define child torture and make child torture a felony offense and to promote training, for all court and medical personnel in these cases. (Photo: 2018 Fall Council Meeting where these resolutions were finalized.)

Criminal Justice Standards

For fifty years, the ABA Criminal Justice Standards have guided policymakers and practitioners working in the criminal justice arena.

Amicus Briefs

Amicus briefs filed by the American Bar Association at the request of the Criminal Justice Section

Supreme Court Case Quick Updates

Summary update of U.S. Supreme Court decisions on criminal law, usually on the day of the decisions.

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Annual Review of the Supreme Court's Term: Criminal Cases

Summaries of all Opinions (including Concurrences and Dissents), in argued and non-argument cases and Orders, regarding all Criminal Law and related cases before the U.S. Supreme Court for a given term year. Prepared by: Professor Rory K. Little, UC Hastings College of the Law


Criminal Justice System Improvements

ABA Recommendations

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