Get Legal Help provides a state-by-state listing of programs to help you find a lawyer, including free legal help. In addition, you can research legal topics with links to state-specific legal resources.

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For Consumers

Law Issues for Consumers

Practical guides to legal issues: real estate, auto/vehicle, finance, family law, workplace law, health care, personal injury, and technology law.

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Estate Planning FAQs.

Provides an overview of estate planning issues, wills, trusts, probate, etc.

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Real Estate FAQ

Issues to consider when buying or renting a home or commercial property.

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Helpful information for consumers seeking a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers.

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About the Courts

About the Courts

How Courts Work?

Overview of courts, legal procedure and the steps in a trial.. Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases. Expert analysis of cases slated for argument before the Court.

Military Families

ABA Home Front

ABA Home Front is a new resource for military families. Find easy-to-understand answers about legal issues related to benefits, custody and more. Locate legal assistance available to servicemembers using a nationwide program directory.

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Law School

Preparing for Law School

There is no single path that will prepare you for a legal education. Students who are successful in law school, and who become accomplished professionals, come from many walks of life and educational backgrounds.

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ABA-Approved Law Schools

The Council has accredited and approved 204 institutions and programs that confer the first degree in law (the J.D. degree); three of these law schools are provisionally approved.

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Bar Admission Information

Standard 504 sets out a law school's responsibility to assess an applicant's character and fitness qualifications and to advise applicants that such qualifications exist for admittance to the school and for admission to the bar

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