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Criminal Justice Section offers a wide array of continuing legal education (CLE), including several international and national institutes, conferences on forensics and sentencing, and committee-sponsored events.

2021 White Collar Crime Institutes

The Southeastern WCCI at Georgia, Sept. 8-10; The London WCCI at the UK, Oct. 11-12; The National WCCI at Miami, Oct. 27-29. Sponsorship opportunities are available for these events.

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SAVE-THE-DATE: Thirteenth Annual Fall Institute

"Probation & Parole Transformation: Advancing Racial Equity and Enhancing Public Safety": Nov. 19-20, Washington, DC

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CLE Programs and Events offered by the ABA Criminal Justice Section in 2021 and beyond.

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The ABA Criminal Justice Section strives to bring quality CLE programing at affordable rates for our members and the general public. Sponsorship exposes firms and organizations to a broad number of criminal law practitioners.

Video: Does Qualified Immunity trump the Rule of Law?

During this CJS webinar on 7/7, expert panelists discussed the impact of immunity on police interaction with the public, particularly when executing an arrest.

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Video: Confronting the Criminalization of Blackness in the Criminal Legal System

This CJS webinar on 6/5 discussed the history and legacy of racism in America and how it impacts every aspect of the criminal legal system, the impact and causes of systemic racism, and the role of lawyers, bar associations and their members in effecting that change.

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When attending section events, please use the hashtag #ABACJS on social media.