Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers

This Toolkit is primarily designed for use by lawyers and legal employers to enhance individual and workplace well-being. It offers a variety of suggestions, keeping in mind that needs and resources vary widely.

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Well-Being Week Webinars

Healing with Breath, Mindset, and Diet

"Healing with Breath, Mindset, and Diet" explores the science of stress and is designed to give lawyers a system for success at home and at work. This program is a part of the Law Practice Division's "Attorney Well-Being Week".

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The Softer Side of Success

Attorneys tend to have some of the harshest inner critics. This webinar helps participants get up close and personal with their own inner voice. We take time to identify the negative things we routinely say to ourselves, then learn simple, effective, actionable tools to help participants transform this debilitating, self-sabotaging force into an advantage.

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How Your Emotional Health and Legal Success are Connected

Your emotional well-being is a critical factor contributing to a successful legal career. This informative and insightful webinar will allow you to listen to a candid conversation between two attorneys, who are also practicing therapists, as they discuss common emotional health pitfalls encountered by attorneys in the practice of law.

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How to Avoid Arguing Ourselves out of Good Relationships

This program explores the tricky ways that being well-trained in analytical reasoning and legal argument might present challenges in some of our closest relationships—and what we can do about it.

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Creating The Personal Balance for Well-Being

The need for creating, and maintaining, a personal balance is vital. The statistics are staggering on depression, substance abuse and wellness in the legal industry. Our experts discuss these resources for fiscal, physical, and mental well-being, and their applicability to young lawyers.

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Mental Health

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