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The Council is a representative group of leaders who meet quarterly, at least, to carry out the executive and administrative function for the ABA Young Lawyers Division.


  • Chair: Tamara Nash
  • Chair-Elect: Dani Borel
  • Secretary: Brandon Riches
  • Immediate Past Chair: Jo Bahn
  • Treasurer: Mathew Kerbis
  • Assembly Speaker: Darryl Wilson
  • Assembly Clerk: Patrick Morris

Constitutional Representatives

ABA House of Delegates Rep 2024
Rene Morency

ABA House of Delegates Rep 2025 1
Brandon Lee Wolff

ABA House of Delegates Rep 2025 2
Diana-Marie Laventure

ABA House of Delegates Rep 2026
Rich Rivera

ABA Board of Governors Rep 2024
Jamie Davis

ABA Board of Governors Rep 2025
Christopher Jennison

ABA Board of Governors Nominee 2026
Abre Conner

ABA Nominating Committee Rep 2026
Jo Bahn


Administrative Director
Eli Contreras

Affiliates Director
Jasmine Wong

Civic Engagement Director
Jose Castro

Committees & Liaisons Director
Portia Brit

Disaster Legal Services Director
Amanda Brown

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Director – Personnel
Lauren Barnes

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Director – Projects
Ashley Weathers

Fit2Practice Director
Brittany Faith

Legal Pathway & Law Student Outreach Director
Armin Salek

Membership & Marketing Director
Cali Franks

National Conferences Director
Spencer Rubin

Pro Bono & Public Service Director
Brandi Pikes

Professional Development Director
Tiffany Perry

Student Debt & Financial Well-Being Director
Ann Petros

Welcome Home Task Force Director
S. Collins Saint

YLD Editorial Content Board Editor in Chief
Pam Garman

Law Student Division

Law Student Division Chair
Malak Tehaili

Special Cabinet Designations (Non Council Voting)

Editorial and Content Board - Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Graves

Editorial and Content Board - Programming Manager
Julie Merow

Editorial and Content Board - Podcast Producer
M. Blair Hlinka

Men of Color - Chair
Darnell Barton

Women of Color- Co-Chair
Elizabeth "Paige" White

Women of Color- Co-Chair
Lexi Lutz

First Generation - Co-Chair
Valencia Herrera

First Generation - Co-Chair
Nancy Maurice

Parents in Practice - Chair
Amber Garcia

District Representatives

First District (ME & VT) 2024
Sanchita Mukherjee

Second District (CT & RI) 2025
Ali Toumekian

Third District (MA & NH) 2024
Nicole Cocozza

Fourth District (NY) 2025
Nancy Maurice

Fifth District (PA) 2024
Adrianne Peters Sipes

Sixth District (NJ) 2025
Joshua Cohn

Seventh District (DC & DE) 2024
Colby Moore

Eighth District (MD & VA) 2025
Valerie Desroches

Ninth District (NC) 2024
Taylor Dewberry

Tenth District (SC & US VI) 2025
Katherine H. Hunt

Eleventh District (FL) 2024
Thomas Graham

Twelfth District (AL & GA) 2025
Jennifer Isaacs

Thirteenth District (MS & PR) 2024
Christina Nunez

Fourteenth District (LA) 2025
Kristen Amond

Fifteenth District (IL & IN) 2024
Elliott Hostetter

Sixteenth District (TN & KY) 2025
Jonas Bastien

Seventeenth District (WI & MN) 2024
Deanna Cortney

Eighteenth District (OH & WV) 2025
Sarah Arnold

Nineteenth District (IA & NE) 2024
Mackensie Graham

Twentieth District (MI) 2025
Jessica D'Nae Warfield

Twenty First District (ND & SD) 2024
Matt Dearth

Twenty Second District (KS & MO) 2025
Keegan Tinney

Twenty Third District (AZ & NM) 2024
Rezarta Mataj

Twenty Fourth District (OK & AR) 2025
Randy Gordon

Twenty Fifth District (South/Central TX) 2024
Armin Salek

Twenty Sixth District (North/West TX) 2025
David R. Hagan

Twenty Seventh District (UT & NV) 2024
Christena Georgas-Burns

Twenty Eighth District (CO & WY) 2025
Casey Terrell

Twenty Ninth District (WA & OR) 2024
Mason Ji

Thirtieth District (MT & ID) 2025
Michael Klepperich

Thirty First District (Northern CA) 2024
Justice Ojo

Thirty Second District (Southern CA) 2025

Thirty Third District (AK & HI) 2024
Chad Au

National Affiliate Representatives

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (2023)
Tryphena Liu

National LGBT Bar Association (2024)

Hispanic National Bar Association (2024)

National Bar Association, Inc. (2023)
Sydney Jakes

National Native American Bar Association (2023)
Contacted org. Waiting for response

South Asian Bar Association (2024)
Madiha Merchant

Federal & Military Bar Association (2024)
Lara Marie Edmonds

Leadership Academy Scholars (Non-Voting)

Scholar (Y1)
Don Anque
Aldiama Anthony
Harper Chen
Maria Virginia Ivanez
Linchi Liang
Natalia Marte
Jared Nelson
Susana Sandoval Vargas

Scholar (Y2)
Whitnie Carter Riden
Dea Cortney
Kennard Davis
Kimberly Delk Eason
Christopher Joseph
Nancy Maurice
Paulina Vera
Cameron Woods

ECS Staff

Sylvia Knox

Director, Meetings & Operations
Donna Nesbit

Committee Specialist
Renee Lugo

Program Associate
Bree Jones

Program Specialist
Yadira Martinez