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The YLD Midyear Assembly will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2024, beginning at 9am Mountain time in conjunction with the 2024 ABA Midyear Meeting in Kentucky. The Assembly will be in-person attendance only. 

Assembly Information

The dress code for Assembly is business attire. All delegates to Midyear Assembly must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Delegates agree to do so when signing the onsite delegate book and receiving a delegate ribbon. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in forfeiture of delegate status. In accordance with Assembly Standing Rules Rule 5.2(b), the following Resolutions with Reports have been distributed via email to the Division’s council members and other then-designated delegates a minimum of 14 days prior to the meeting, slated on the Debate Calendar or Consent Calendar, as indicated below.

Delegate Sign-Up & Certification

Any prospective affiliate delegates for the 2024 Assemblies, please sign-up using this form (for self-sign up or sign-up by an affiliate leader or representative).

(Do not use this form if you are a YLD Council Member, YLD Scholar, or a designated Young Lawyer Representative for the House of Delegates. You are already signed up by virtue of your position.)

For the Affiliate Delegate Allocation numbers, view this PDF.

To vote in the YLD Assembly you must be certified as a delegate and registered for the meeting during which the Assembly is held. Young lawyer state and national bar organizations and military branches (YLD affiliates) choose Assembly delegates to represent their organization at the Midyear and Annual Meeting Assemblies. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, contact the YLD affiliate organization you would like to represent to express your interest. The affiliate organization must approve your role as a YLD delegate before you can be certified.   

If you have any questions regarding delegate certification, please contact the YLD Credentials Board at [email protected].

Debate Calendar

24-1YL National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (Passed)

  • Urges state and territorial legislative bodies to adopt legislation opting into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

HOD505 Marginalized Communities Resources (Passed)

  • Opposes all national policies that restrict the teaching and inclusion of studies on the experiences and contributions of people of all genders, Latino Americans, African Americans, Asian American Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, LGBTQIA+ Americans, and members of other ethnic, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic groups.

HOD507 Medicare Funding (Passed)

  • Opposes national regulations, administrative interpretations, and litigation that restrict the right of healthcare providers and hospitals receiving Medicare funding to provide patients with care, including abortion, to address emergency medical conditions.

HOD177C ABA Dues Increase (Passed)

  • Recommends a general dues rate increase of $45 effective September 1, 2024.

HOD603 Disarm Hate Act (Passed)

  • Urges Congress to pass the Disarm Hate Act or similar legislation to amend the Gun Control Act of 1968 to extend its restrictions on possession, purchase, sale, disposal, shipment, transport, transfer, and receipt of firearms and ammunition to individuals convicted of misdemeanor crimes.

Consent Calendar (passed)

24-2YL Law School Financial Transparency

  • Urges law schools to provide transparency regarding the true cost of attending law school and starting a legal career.

24-3YL First Generation Lawyers

  • Urges ABA to designate May 20 as "National First Generation Lawyers Day" to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions, importance, diversity, and leadership of FirstGen Lawyers.

HOD400 Federal Employees Civil Rights Protections

  • Urges Congress to enact appropriate legislation to extend, to all employees of the federal judiciary the protections of all civil rights laws applicable to public employers and confer upon all employees of the federal judiciary identical or comparable employment benefits as are provided to employees of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

HOD401 Supreme Court Final Arbiters

  • Supports the principle that the supreme courts or other courts of last resort of the United States territories serve as the final arbiters of territorial law in the same manner as the supreme courts or other courts of last resort of the fifty states serve as the final arbiters of state law.

HOD500 Early Dispute Resolution

  • Encourages the informed and voluntary use of party-directed, non-adjudicative procedures to resolve disputes in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner (Early Dispute Resolution).

HOD506 State Department Reporting

  • Urges the full implementation and timely reporting of all deaths required to be reported by the Death in Custody Reporting Act.

HOD508 LGBTQ Protections

  • Urges all state, local, territorial, and tribal governing bodies, education officials, school boards, and school districts to establish and implement policies that recognize that all students, including transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary students, have a reasonable and protected expectation of privacy when determining how and with whom to share information about their gender identity.

HOD509 Commercial Spyware

  • Urges a moratorium on the sale, purchase, transfer, servicing, and use of “abusive commercial spyware,” as defined, until a rights-protecting, international regulatory framework is established.

HOD510 Tribal Membership

  • Urges ABA approved law schools to consider Tribal Membership in holistic application review processes.

About YLD Resolutions

The control and administration of the American Bar Association (ABA) is vested in the House of Delegates (HOD), the only policy making body of the ABA. This ABA YLD resolution search engine is limited to resolutions adopted by the ABA YLD Assembly and provided to allow members to find and review past YLD Assembly resolutions. Resolutions that were adopted by the ABA YLD Assembly must not be mistaken as the policies of the ABA.

Elections Notice

Declarations for positions during the 2024-2025 bar year will open at the adjournment of the 2024 Midyear Meeting. You can find the complete Election Notice and additional information on the Elections Webpage.

Join the Assembly Distribution List

To join the Assembly Distribution List for up-to-date notifications regarding Assembly, send an email to [email protected] and follow instructions to confirm. 

Meeting and Assembly Rules