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PART 1 | AI Essentials For Lawyers: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Clients In The Digital Age

This panel will explore the basics of AI, contextualize related definitions as they pertain to the law, and discuss the impact of AI on marginalized communities.

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PART 2 | AI and Consumers: The Invisible Impact on Economic Justice

This webinar includes a presentation of the harms created or exacerbated by automated decision systems (ADS) as they relate to consumer law issues, such as lending and debt collection, and an overview of responses from a recent ABA survey on consumer law and ADS. Presenters discuss the implications of AI in the consumer law context, from the perspective of attorneys in the private and public sectors.


PART 3 | AI in Education: Addressing Biases and Discrimination, Privacy & Surveillance

This webinar will explore a phenomenon known as algorithmic discrimination: the possibility of AI perpetuating systemic unfairness in learning resources recommended to different student populations. Panelists will also consider the implications of AI on student privacy and surveillance.


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PART 4 | AI in Criminal Justice: Automated Decision-making Tools and Technology, From Policing to Corrections

This webinar will discuss automated decision-making tools used by law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and corrections officials. The panel will offer perspectives on the purported benefits of AI tools, and the potential harms of the tools, especially adverse racial impacts.


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PART 5 | AI in Housing and Benefits: Automating Discrimination, Enhancing Surveillance, and Scaling Bias

This webinar will discuss what attorneys need to know about algorithmic decision systems that can curtail access to rental housing and homeownership, accelerate evictions, and increase surveillance and criminalization of people living in public housing. Our guest experts will discuss the increasing reliance of state and federal social services agencies on automated fraud detection systems, eligibility screening and assessment tools, and benefits determinations systems that disproportionately harm disabled and elderly people.


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PART 6 | Going Global: Seeking Redress against Digital Harms beyond the US

This webinar provides an overview of the pitfalls of AI and explores pathways to seeking redress for AI-related human rights harms in international/foreign jurisdictions.


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About our Joint Sponsor | Task Force on Law and Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the AI Task Force is to: (1) address the impact of AI on the legal profession and the practice of law, and related ethical implications; (2) provide insights on developing and using AI in a trustworthy and responsible manner; and (3) identify ways to address AI risks.

Upcoming Programs

In order to serve and provide resources to our Section members, the greater ABA, and the general public, the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice presents a variety of webinars highlighting critical legal issues of civil liberties, human rights, and social justice.