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Wrestling with Words, Acronyms & Language in Antiracism Advocacy and Actions

April 26, 2021 | Webinar

Over the past year, many institutions in legal education, the legal profession as well as other professions and groups have made an affirmative commitment to antiracism. As advocates and allies work toward this goal, it is imperative to consider the language used to refer to various groups. When should advocates specify a focus on “the Black community”? Is the term “Native American” synonymous with “Indigenous”? What does the acronym “BIPOC” mean? Is the term “people of color” better? And how can we highlight intersectionality? This webinar features academics wrestling with how best to use race, representation, and relevant language to promote antiracism and racial equity.

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Domestic Violence: Prevention, Protection and Prosecution, Internationally and Domestically

Webinar | May 5

The scourge of domestic violence persists and has escalated exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries have adopted legislation and hotlines to address the issue. But challenges persist both socioeconomically and legally. This webinar will discuss the causes and consequences of domestic violence.

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CRSJ Celebrates Black History Month: The Challenges that African Americans Face in the 21st Century

In this compelling series of webinars, we take a close look at the civil rights and social justice issues that African Americans are still facing 53 years after the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. The impressive panels and experts will examine a range of issues from environmental justice to economic equity, COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution to racial disparities and criminal justice.

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The Civil Rights Lawyer Webinar Series

There are so many ways to work to advance civil rights and social justice, and the time could not be more opportune to explore pathways into the profession of the civil rights lawyer. This four-part series provides insights and perspectives about pursuing a career in the realm of civil rights law. Panelists include law professors, policy advocates, civil rights litigators, public interest lawyers, federal agency attorneys, law clerks, and a range of others who will discuss their career trajectories and lessons learned in their work to advance civil rights.

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2020 US Elections Aftermath: A Social Justice Policy Summit

In the wake of the 2020 US presidential elections, the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice Rights of Immigrants Committee - in strategic partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States - hosted a policy summit designed to advance racial equity and social justice principles. Over the course of two days, the interdisciplinary conference explored myriad manifestations of interpersonal, structural, and institutionalized discrimination to create enhanced awareness around these issues. The convening also culminated in concrete community-driven policy recommendations to achieve positive social, political, and legal reform to ensure a better tomorrow for all.

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