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Section Policy

For over 50 years, the Section has sponsored or co-sponsored hundreds of resolutions adopted by the ABA House in furtherance of its goal to develop, implement and advance Association policy protecting individual rights, civil rights, human rights, civil liberties, and social justice.

Reproductive Rights at the U.S. Supreme Court

For over 30 years, the ABA has taken an active role in engaging lawyers and educating the public on the role of the courts in defining these rights and access. The ABA Division on Public Education has compiled a comprehensive list of reproductive health action taken by the ABA, including policy on the topic and amicus briefs in U.S. Supreme Court cases.

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De-Mystifying the ABA Policymaking Process

In March of 2018, CRSJ developed a useful webinar that explains the process of developing and implementing ABA policy — CRSJ style. ABA leaders Estelle Rogers, Paul Wolfson, Kristi Gaines, and Matt Mecoli offer great insight into the process - addressing questions and concerns as you navigate the ABA and how our Section operates.

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