Wills and Estates

A Book To Help With Your Estate Planning Needs!

The ABA Division for Public Education's Guide to Wills and Estates (4th Edition) is a resource tool to assist you understand estate planning concepts and to get you started on your way to being prepared for life's eventuality. To order the book, click here. To visit the book's companion website, click here.   



About this Section:

This section contains basic information about estate planning and will writing. Click on the links below for more information on this subject area.

Estate Planning

Writing Your Will

The Probate Process

10 Things Estate Planning Can Do For You

Resources: Advance Planning for Health Care

Key Points about Advance Planning

Chapters from brand new ABA Guide to Wills & Estates (2nd ed.) ( Purchase book)

For more, visit the ABA's Real Property, Probate and Trust public information page. You can also check out the ABA Guide to Wills & Estates (1st ed.).

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