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Support Public Education!

Educate, Empower, and Engage The American Bar Association Division for Public Education provides balanced and reliable information about and insights into the law and current legal issues. Your support makes a difference.

Our Mission

The Division’s mission is comprised of three main goals: To educate the public by connecting the dots between civic responsibilities, the law, the courts and the legal system. To empower teachers by providing resources that incorporate law and civics into K-12 curriculum. To engage students through thought-provoking resources and learning experiences to broaden understanding of law and government. Read more about our mission in our Division Brochure!

Committees and Staff

Public Education staff is available to provide you with the resources you need to help further public understanding of the rule of law. Simply email us at [email protected], call 312.988.5735, or click on the link to contact our Committees or staff.