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Resources for Teachers

ABA Teacher Portal

The Teacher's Portal is designed to help teacher's educate their students about the law. These resources were developed by the ABA Division for Public Education. They include lessons plans, programs, publications and information on professional development.

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The Public

Do you have questions about legal matters that occur in everyday life? The Public Portal will walk you through a number of legal matters that occur in everyday life. Take advantage of the legal FAQ's, publications and The Law Issues for Consumers.

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ABA Legal Fact Check

ABA Legal Fact Check seeks to help the media and public find dependable answers and explanations to sometimes confusing legal questions and issues. It is produced by the ABA Media Relations and Strategic Communications Division and emphasizes case and statutory law and other legal precedents to separate legal fact from fiction. Each ABA Legal Fact Check is routinely reviewed by subject-matter experts prior to release, and does not represent official policies or positions of the American Bar Association, its Board of Governors, or its House of Delegates.

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Learn How Courts Work

The law deals with two kinds of cases. Civil cases involve conflicts between people or institutions such as businesses and Criminal cases involve enforcing public codes of behavior as embodied in the laws, with the government prosecuting individuals or institutions. Learn the different processes and procedures involved in these types of cases.

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About the Civics and LRE Directory

The directory can be used to connect those new to civic education who would like to conduct a Civics and Law Academy, with those who have worked for many years to enrich this area of study.

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