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July 16, 2020

ABA Guide to Home Ownership

ABA Guide to Home Ownership

There's more to owning a home than saving up for a down payment. Just as a house has a frame to support the walls and keep the roof overhead, it also has a legal framework of rights and duties that can keep your dream of property ownership from crashing in on your head. This book is designed to help you understand that legal framework and answer some questions you might have. It can also help you avoid legal problems and work through problems that might arise.

Note: You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the .pdfs below; download a free copy here if your computer doesn't have this program.

Ch. 1: Home Ownership: A Guide to What Your Deed Really Means

Ch. 2: Sharing Ownership: Condos, Co-ops, and Other Common Interest Communities

Ch. 3: Defending Your Title What Title Insurance Will Do For Your - and What It Won’t

Ch. 4: Fire! Thief! Asbestos!: Protecting Your Home and Your Health

Ch. 5: Floor Wax and Dog Attacks: A Home Owner’s Guide to Avoiding Liability

Ch. 6: Remodeling?: How to Avoid Getting Nailed

Ch. 7: Love Your Neighbor? How to Keep Petty Annoyances from Turning into Major Headaches

Ch. 8: Money, Money, Money!: The Financial Side of Home Ownership

Ch. 9: Death and Taxes How Home Ownership Affects Your Tax Bill

Ch. 10: Getting Older Special Concerns of Aging Home Owners

Where to Get More Information

ABA Guide to Home Ownership is also used on  Findlaw's "For the Public" site.