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2024 ABA Survey of Civic Literacy


As part of the annual survey, respondents answered 14 multiple-choice questions measuring their knowledge of U.S. democracy, with questions based on the current U.S. Naturalization Test. Most basic questions were answered correctly. For example, the majority knew the first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution are called the Bill of Rights (87%), and nearly 9 in 10 also knew that the rule of law means no one is above the law (84%). Also, more than 3 in 4 (78%) knew the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is next in line to run the country if the president and vice president can no longer serve.

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Articles and Newsletters

Five Ways to be Civically Engaged Everyday

Paul Henderson, nationally recognized speaker, veteran prosecutor and champion for social justice, offers five things you can do that don’t require much time or effort, but can make a difference in turning your passion for causes you care about into action.

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Planning and Organizing Your Civil Conversation

Planning for a successful program begins weeks—if not months—ahead of the event. Follow our timeline to begin planning program logistics—such as location, marketing, and budget—as early as you can.

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Confronting Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Learn how the mechanics of a discussion and the environment created in a classroom can help facilitate productive controversial discussions.

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Establishing Conversation Norms and Defusing Conflict

The key to any productive public, civil conversation is ensuring all participants follow a set of expectations and norms. Learn how to engage your program participants and audience to work together to set a list of agreed upon norms.

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Judges in the Classroom, Students in the Courtroom

Orleans Civil District Court Judge Kern Reese has a passion for training pre-law students how to communicate and advocate inside the courtroom. For several years, Judge Reese has worked as a coach of the Dillard University Mock Trial Team to train future lawyers on arguing cases.

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