Professional Development Opportunities

The Division works with various courts and legal organizations to provide enriching professional development opportunities for middle and high school teachers seeking to engage students in the workings of the courts, landmark case studies, and the rule of law.

Federal Courts Summer Institute: Chew Heong v. U.S.: Chinese Exclusion and the Federal Courts

Join us on on July 21 at 12:00 pm EST and July 28 at 12:00 pm EST to learn more about using federal trials to address political and social issues in the classroom. This case looks at a Chinese immigrant's petition to reenter the United States in the wake of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. It divides a California federal court and forces the Supreme Court to decide if immigrants' rights are protected by the nation's treaties.

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Institute in Washington D.C. 2020

Designed for teachers of U.S. History, Government, Civics, and Law, the Federal Trials and Great Debates in U.S History Summer Institute for Teachers deepens participants’ knowledge of the federal judiciary and the role the federal courts played in controversies that defined our constitutional rights. This program is held in partnership with the Federal Judicial Center.

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Institute in Sacramento, CA. June 2020

Join the Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Judicial Library and Learning Center (KJLLC) for this four-day teacher’s institute (June 14-18, 2020) in Sacramento, CA. Featuring expert speakers on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony and modern voting rights cases, this institute provides teachers the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the American judicial system. Teachers will engage one another by sharing teaching strategies and developing lessons exploring the cases covered throughout the week.

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