Resolution 300B

At the 2021 Virtual ABA Midyear Meeting, CWP co-sponsored Resolution 300B with Practice Forward. The Resolution encourages legislatures to enact legislation and appropriate adequate funding to ensure access to fair, affordable and high-quality childcare and family care.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019

Resolution 106

Resolution 106 urges legal employers to close the compensation gap between male and female employees. Best practices, including ensuring a critical mass of women on leadership committees and making compensation systems transparent, are detailed.

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Resolution 115F

Resolution 115F urges governments not to impose restrictions on healthcare providers that are not medically necessary and restrict access to health services.

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Resolution 300

At the 2018 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, the ABA House of Delegates passed Res. 300, introduced by the Commission on Women in the Profession. The Resolution "urges legal employers not to require mandatory arbitration of claims of sexual harassment". It contends that while arbitration may be a method of obtaining relief for many, victims who wish to use other means shouldn't be constrained from doing so as a condition of employment.

Res. 302 Says 'Time's Up'

Time's Up:

At the 2018 ABA Midyear Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, the ABA House of Delegates passed Res. 302. This critical step forward, introduced by Commission on Women chair Stephanie Scharf, urges all employers to adopt and enforce policies to “prohibit, prevent, and promptly redress” harassment and retaliation and does so with intersectionality in mind.

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