Men in the Mix

Men in the Mix seeks to gain insight and perspective on why some men hesitate or decide not to join women's initiatives, then uncover and create tools and best practices to encourage mutual conversation on advancing women in the legal profession.

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Bias Interrupters

The groundbreaking report "You Can't Change What You Can't See" was published in collaboration with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. The report reveals the various biases that women lawyers of color and white women lawyers experience in the profession, providing recommendations to legal employers for removing institutionalized and systemic barriers to women lawyers' success.

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Grit Project

The Grit Project will educate women lawyers about the science behind grit and growth mindset - two important traits that many successful women lawyers have in common. By providing the tools to assess and learn these traits, the Grit Project will enhance the effectiveness as well as the retention and promotion of women lawyers. In addition, it will engage law schools and law firms with practical ways to incorporate these concepts into their performance evaluations and professional development programs.

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Women of Color Research Initiative

To fully examine advancement and retention issues among women attorneys of color, the Commission has engaged in this groundbreaking research initiative on diversity dynamics in the legal profession. This initiative has resulted in two reports dealing with women in law firms, and a publication that addresses women attorneys of color in corporate settings.

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Achieving Long-Term Careers for Women in Law

Using life cycle models from the fields of sociology, social psychology and economics, the focus of this initiative is on the many benefits of women remaining in the profession. It highlights the career paths of senior women lawyers who continue to practice, exercise power, and inspire future generations of women lawyers.

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New! Guided Conversations

Learn how to improve conversations about gender, race, and ethnicity, so that all women can work together in combating the barriers to advancement in the legal profession. Through this type of dialogue, we take critical steps to creating a more inclusive, just, and equitable profession.

Ms. JD Fellows

In 2010, in partnership with the Commission and in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Awards, Ms. JD awarded fellowships to 20 rising third-year law students who are being mentored for one year by women chosen from among Brent honorees. The partnership has continued each year.

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ABA Task Force on Gender Equity

The ABA Task Force on Gender Equity, formed in 2012 and now part of the Commission, implemented a series of projects to promote gender equity, particularly with regards to compensation of law firm partners.

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Zero Tolerance

Thirty percent or more lawyers have experienced sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, and at law firms that number is likely higher. This manual and toolkit provide resources about the effects of sex-based harassment on associates and partners when they're attacked, sexualized, and in other ways victimized on the job.

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