June 01, 2020

#63 Is It Really Free? The Economics of Digital Platforms

Digital platforms host more and more of our daily activities. Many are free and seem to cost nothing other than the users’ attention. How do we understand the economics of the “free” and its antitrust implications? Prof. John Yun, Director of Economic Education at the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI) at George Mason University, joins John Roberti and Anora Wang, for a discussion on concepts including “disutility,” “diversion ratio,” “attention market,” and “contestable market,” all put in layman’s terms. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the price of something in our daily lives that appears to be free.

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John M. Yun, Director of Economic Education, Global Antitrust Institute, George Mason University

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John Roberti, Allen & Overy LLP and Anora Wang, Winston & Strawn LLP