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Our Curious Amalgam

Our Curious Amalgam explores topics in antitrust, competition, consumer protection, data protection, and privacy law around the world with leading experts in those areas. It is an amalgam because it is a group of diverse topics all in one place. It is curious because it gets the experts and asks them in-depth questions.


Oral History Videos

The Antitrust Law Section established Oral History Videos to permanently document the perspectives and memories of those who have figured prominently in the development of US antitrust law. These recordings are recollections of many high-level former government officials, notable antitrust and consumer law practitioners, as well as those who have contributed so richly to the growth and development of the Antitrust Law Section.


ABA Antitrust Law Section's Global Tech-Enforcement Tracker

The tracker focuses on digital platforms—such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—and also major enforcement actions like those involving Qualcomm. The tracker covers criminal, non-merger civil, merger, and regulatory actions. It does not track enforcement actions in telecommunications markets or private actions. The tracker will be updated as soon as possible after news breaks of the opening or closing of an enforcement action.

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