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Antitrust Law Student Ambassador Program

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What is the Program?

The Law Student Ambassador Program is a working group composed of highly-recommended law students or economics students who are interested in careers in antitrust or privacy.  We will meet telephonically every other month for about 30-45 minutes to discuss Section events and opportunities for law students.

What are the responsibilities?

The Law Ambassadors’ main responsibility is to serve as the Section’s liaison to your law school.  We will be selecting about 6 schools at which to host career panels (we will provide the speakers).  (There are several schools who have more than one Ambassador so folks can team up on this.)  The Ambassador will help us on the ground with logistics for these programs.  The Ambassadors will also help advertise Section of Antitrust Law programs (mostly telephonic) to fellow law students to help spread the word.  The Ambassador will also identify another law student ambassador upon graduation.

What are the benefits?

The Section of Antitrust Law has 28 substantive committees ranging from the joint conduct committee, to trade, sports & professional associations committee, to media & technology, to the privacy committee.  A full listing of committees is located here.

Most of the committees have newsletters, and we are hoping the Law Student Ambassadors can write a piece for the newsletters (committees publish these three times a year, so if you are interested in writing, it can work around your schedule.)  The Ambassadors can also receive a mentor upon request.  Lastly, we hope to have several career conference calls where you can hear from practitioners from government, law firm, in-house, and academia about careers in antitrust and privacy and consumer protection.  The program will also facilitate networking opportunities.  

What is the time commitment?

Outside of the 30-45 minute calls every other month, the time commitment is fairly light – the newsletter articles are about 5-7 pages in length and planning a career panel at your school isn’t too time consuming.  We will also have opportunities for the law students to help plan Section programs.  

Law Ambassador Program applications for 2024 will be available soon.

For more information about the Law Ambassador Program or to apply, please contact [email protected].

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