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Key Strategies for Coping with Depression and Maintaining Wellness

Studies show that lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to be depressed than people in other jobs. Learn how to spot, accept & manage depression, deal with stigma, get employer support for yourself and others, and maintain mental wellness.

Setting and Sticking To Your New Year's Career Resolutions

The biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is trying to stay with them. Whether you want to grow in your practice or change direction altogether, you'll get tips on setting and sticking with your career resolutions and help you organize and streamline your career goals for the New Year and beyond!

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Key Strategies To Land Your Next Job

Are you finding the job search process overwhelming? Learn from experienced career search professionals on the ins and outs of successful offers, finding entry level positions, switching sectors, effective networking and how to handle resume gap questions.

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Implicit Bias 101

Learn about recent research on implicit bias, how to increase your own individual awareness of unconscious biases that we all hold, and strategies to address bias that you can bring to your organization.

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Ask Me Anything with Career Coaches Hamaria and Josh

Have a job search related question you've been wanting to ask? Join us and get your questions answered by two Career Coaches! This "Ask Me Anything" session will cover career support and new attorney job searches.

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A Trusted Advisor Starts with Business Intelligence

1.0 CLE On-Demand Webinar | To be a true partner and asset to your clients you need to know their industry and how to help them succeed. But first, you need to know the resources to get up to speed and stay up to speed in competitive markets.

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Leverage & Pivot: Taking Your Legal Identity to the Next Level

Video | Thinking about your next career move? Listen as legal consultants talk about identifying their interests and pivoting towards new great new careers leveraging their legal backgrounds with technical and transferable skills.

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What Firms, Courts, and Practitioners Need to Know About Mental Health at Work

Get an orientation to dealing with mental health in the legal workplace, empowering work environments, discrimination and productivity concerns, and how to address challenging, mental health-related workplace behavior.

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Reverse Interviewing: Questions to Ask Yourself and the Employer for Success on the Job Search

An interview isn't just about answering questions — it's also about knowing what to ask. A recruiter and a career coach talk about what they think it takes to build rapport during an interview and how you can leverage the conversation to set yourself up for success.

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