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Recent Programs

Legal Writing 101

On demand | Legal Writing 101 will provide you with tools to write more clearly and concisely and make your communications with clients and courts more effective.

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Managing Your Team Remotely

Our webinar panel discusses best practices for managing and engaging your team remotely, making sure your team is working together; keeping members engaged, productive and successful; effective communication strategies; and tools that you can implement immediately to achieve greater success in managing your team remotely both now and in the future.

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Enhanced Executive Presence for Lawyers

Executive presence is a mysterious “soft” skill, and harnessing it can make a difference in your career. During this program we will discuss why executive presence is a skill no attorney can live without and how you can transform yours, whether you are meeting with a colleague in person or arguing a motion on video.

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LinkedIn, Social Media, and Personal Branding

Discover specific tools and strategies to use in your online presence to define your personal brand and develop relationships. Take your networking and business development virtual in an authentic and strategic way.

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Taking Charge of Your Own Career

Who's in charge of your career? You are! Our panel discusses the importance of and how to find quality mentors and active sponsors, develop your social media profile, career development planning and goal setting, and spotting and pursuing career opportunities.

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