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August 02, 2019 Alternative Legal Careers

Leverage & Pivot: Taking Your Legal Identity to the Next Level

Part of the free Career Development Series. Note: This is not a CLE program. 


Thinking about your next career move? In this installment of the Career Development Series, we feature panelists who have maintained their legal identities outside of traditional law practice. Avery Blank and Cheryl Rich Heisler share their stories of moving from law to consulting while additional panelists add their unique experiences to the mix.  Hear directly how they were able to identify their interests, leverage their legal backgrounds, and pivot towards new careers utilizing a combination of their technical and transferable skills.  Join us for this upbeat and eye-opening forum and learn insights on how to make your next move.

Empowering your legal identity.

Empowering your legal identity.


Avery Blank, Principal & Owner, Avery Blank Consulting, Philadelphia, PA; ABA Career Center Board Member

Cheryl Rich Heisler, Alternative Career Consultant and Founder of Lawternatives, Chicago, IL; ABA Career Center Board Member


Howard A. Davis, The Law Offices of Howard A. Davis, Chicago, IL

Elaine Weiss, Executive Director, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Chicago, IL

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