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    The Clean Air Act Handbook, Fourth Edition

    Edited by Julie R Domike and Alec Chatham Zacaroli

    The Clean Air Act Handbook, Fourth Edition

    The Clean Air Act Handbook, Fourth Edition

    Edited by Julie R Domike and Alec Chatham Zacaroli

    Covering the entire Clean Air Act statute, this handbook brings together the experience of more than 30 private and public sector practitioners to explain how the CAA is both implemented and practiced. The book addresses all essential topics, from government programs to civil and criminal enforcement and judicial review, making it an ideal reference for the experienced as well as the more general environmental lawyer.

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    The Clean Air Act remains one of the most significant and complex pieces of environmental legislation in the country's history, and it continues to grow in both importance and reach. Now fully revised and updated, The Clean Air Act Handbook continues to be an established, comprehensive examination of the statute and the EPA's implementing regulations and policy guidance. It provides a broad and balanced perspective on all pertinent issues relating to the CAA. This authoritative volume brings together the experience and knowledge of private and public sector Clean Air Act practitioners, including those in law firms, industry, environmental groups, and the U.S. EPA.

    An ideal reference source for the experienced practitioner as well as a tool for the more general environmental lawyer, The Clean Air Act Handbook covers the entire statute, not just the more recent amendments. This current edition considers the controversial U.S. Supreme Court's Massachusetts v. EPA ruling and the resulting expansion of scope of the statute, including the EPA���s expansive new regulatory initiatives aimed at regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

    Among the topics covered include:

    • Setting and meeting national ambient air quality standards
    • Transportation and conformity requirements in state implementation plans
    • The new source review program
    • Regulation of hazardous air pollutants
    • Ongoing regulation of mobile sources and of fuels and fuel additives
    • Title IV and the acid rain program
    • Interstate transport of air pollution
    • The Clean Air Act and global climate change
    • The Title V operating permit program and how to manage the permit
    • Implementation of CAA programs by American Indian tribes
    • Civil and criminal enforcement
    • Rulemaking and judicial review

    Each chapter is followed by detailed citations to the statute, cases, regulations, legislative history and EPA guidance. The Handbook also features a current listing of EPA air-related and other relevant Web sites, including EPA regional office sites, a general glossary of acronyms and related terms, and a comprehensive index.

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