Court Compels Redacted Information as Non-Responsive

By Catherine M. Chiccine

Extensive unilateral redaction of documents is not justified.




Seeking Paths to Lawyer Well-Being

By Joseph P. Beckman

he focus on health and resilience for lawyers begins with a look in the mirror.



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Your Data Was Stolen, But Not Your Identity (Yet)

By Kristen L. Burge

Majority consensus grows on the scope of permissible data breach standing.



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Your Written Work: Capturing the Judge’s Attention—Part II
By Hon. Mark A. Drummond
Choose your voice and your words carefully.

Lawyers Behaving Badly: What Not to Do in Federal Court
By Hon. Karen L. Stevenson
Stories offered as a reminder to those who practice often in federal court, and as an alert to those who may find themselves there less often.

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Why Don't Federal Judges Follow the (Discovery) Rules?
By Charles S. Fax
Learn how to manage the discovery process to achieve proportionality.

Cost-Shifting in Discovery after the 2015 Amendments to Rule 26
By Charles S. Fax
What has happened to cost-shifting in discovery since December 1?

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Privilege Protects Counsel’s Redacted Coverage Analysis
By Adam E. Lyons
Insurer not entitled to compel disclosure of coverage analysis from insured’s counsel.

Virtual Law Offices Create Ethical Concerns
By Martha L. Kohlstrand
Be acutely aware of the ethical issues at play, especially those related to technological competence.

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Data Analytics: A New Arrow in Your Legal Quiver
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
Find that competitive advantage by integrating big data analytics into your practice.

Increasing Ransomware Attacks Serve as a Reminder to Consider Cyber Insurance
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
Trend shows lawyers are connecting with clients almost exclusively in the virtual world.

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