Tort Damages Caps Violates Equal Protection

By Stephen Carr

Med-mal caps ignoring the severity of the injury serve no rational purpose.




Cloudy with a Chance of Sanctions

By Geoff A. Gannaway

Court troubled by defendant’s delays, threats, and obfuscation of ESI production.



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How Private Is Your Home in the Age of Alexa?

By Carl A. Aveni

Bungling details early in a case can cause irreparable consequences.


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Rule 30(b)(6): Whose Deposition Is It Anyway?
By Hon. Karen L. Stevenson
Under Rule 30(b)(6), an entity must produce a person whose testimony will be binding on the company. What should you do when questions arise about whether the company designated the proper witness to testify?

Top Responses from Jury Surveys
By Hon. Mark A. Drummond
How to avoid repetition but still be persuasive to a jury.

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The Perils in Appearing Pro Hac Vice
By Charles S. Fax
In-state counsel and pro hac counsel must be thoroughly familiar with the precise requirements in their locale.

Large Substantive Results from Small, Procedural Decisions
By Adam E. Lyons
Choice of forum to resolve a discovery dispute may preclude effective appeal.

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Reduction in Price for Company Facing Litigation Is Not Work Product
By Stephen Carr
Arms-length negotiations involving third parties can become subject to discovery.

Lawyers Sanctioned for Unilaterally Terminating Deposition
By Carl A. Aveni
Ongoing relevancy objections no basis for halting proceedings, even if questions aimed at separate case.

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Corporate Clients Demand More Diversity from Law Firms
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
As we become more diverse on the business and home front, law firms that do not make the long-term investment to reflect these changes will fall behind.

The Virtual Practice of Law
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
Trend shows lawyers are connecting with clients almost exclusively in the virtual world.

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