Court Expands Ethical Duties for Handling Inadvertent Disclosures

By Josephine Bahn

Duties now extend to information received from the attorney’s own client.



Off-Duty Medical Marijuana Use Not Grounds to Rescind Hire

By Josephine Bahn

Beware when attempting to change an employment offer due to off-duty medical marijuana use.


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Your Data Was Stolen, But Not Your Identity (Yet)

By Kristen L. Burge

Majority consensus grows on the scope of permissible data breach standing.


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Your Written Work: Capturing the Judge’s Attention
By Hon. Mark A. Drummond
In the age of diminished attention spans, writing motions with captivating beginnings is key.

Sanctions Not Unlimited for Bad-Faith Failure to Disclose
By Hon. Karen L. Stevenson
An aggrieved party may also request fees shifting for all or part of other attorney fees incurred as a way of punishing the other party for discovery abuses.

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Cost-Shifting in Discovery after the 2015 Amendments to Rule 26
By Charles S. Fax
What has happened to cost-shifting in discovery since December 1?

Confusion over Preliminary Injunction Standard Clarified, but Not Settled
By Kelso L. Anderson
Third Circuit reasons only two of four elements dispositive.

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No Attorney-Client Privilege for Communications with PR Firm
By Andrew J. Kennedy
Some client-PR firm communications may be privileged, however.

Pushing the Limits on Cross-Examination
By Joseph P. Beckman
Sanctions reversed despite repeated sustained objections regarding mental history.

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Increasing Ransomware Attacks Serve as a Reminder to Consider Cyber Insurance
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
Trend shows lawyers are connecting with clients almost exclusively in the virtual world.

Corporate Clients Demand More Diversity from Law Firms
By Daniel S. Wittenberg
As we become more diverse on the business and home front, law firms that do not make the long-term investment to reflect these changes will fall behind.

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