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Recent Sound Advice

Remote Mediation: The Good, the Bad, and the Practical

Superstar mediator Judge Jay Gandhi (Ret.) is interviewed by CADS committee co-chair Adam Polk about the ins and outs of remote mediation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please enjoy this candid discussion and learn about how remote mediation works, benefits, potential pitfalls, and when you should consider remotely mediating your cases.

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The "Compass Rose" Method for Corporate Witness Interviews

Former AUSA John E. Clabby (“Jack”), a litigator with Carlton Fields, describes his proven method for opening corporate internal interviews. The "Compass Rose" is designed to build rapport with the witness and elicit important background information in an organized, repeatable way.

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Top Ten Tips for Virtual Oral Arguments

How do you prepare differently for an oral argument that will occur on a video platform? What small tweaks to your in-person routine should you make to ensure you are your most persuasive and confident self? Lindsay Breedlove provides her top ten tips for preparing for and presenting oral arguments by use of remote video.

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Crisis Management 101: Key Insights from the World of Public Relations

A crisis can take many forms—product recalls, environmental contamination, and negative social media reviews, just to name a few. What are the critical issues to address when your client or business finds itself in a crisis? With the help of two public relations experts, this edition of Sound Advice explores the primary PR concerns when managing a crisis situation, including the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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The "New Normal": Life After Quarantine

In this Sound Advice podcast, North Carolina Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) Director, Robynn Moraites, discusses why lawyers may be struggling as they transition back to working in the office after months of working from home due to COVID-19. Moraites also offers tips and resources to help ease the transition from a mental health perspective. (This podcast was recorded prior to the overdue racial awakening that swept our country following the senseless killing of George Floyd. As a result, we considered delaying the publication of this podcast. However, we recognized that lawyers were already struggling with increased mental health problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that these issues were only exacerbated—especially among Black lawyers—by Floyd’s death. Ultimately, we decided to release the podcast in hopes of relieving some anxiety and stress that all lawyers may be feeling as they transition back to their offices.)

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How To Remain Resilient Amid The Covid-19 Crisis

Advice from a leading female lawyer, Charla Stevens, of how to best cope with this crisis and find personal satisfaction and peace, moderated by Angela Turiano.

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Basics of Appeal Bonds

Daniel Huckabay familiarizes appellate practitioners with the basic fundamentals of obtaining appeal bonds, so that they can help their clients stay enforcement of money judgments and protect their assets.

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When Does Preparing to Compete Cross the Line?

Employees owe a common law duty of loyalty to their employers and often are subject to a restrictive covenants agreement. In this program, David Johnson explores the boundaries of when an employee may and may not make plans in preparation of competing with his/her employer.

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Advice for Law Students & Recent Law Graduates on How to Navigate the Legal Market During a Pandemic

Are you a law student or recent law graduate wondering how to navigate the legal market during a pandemic? Then listen to this sound advice, which features advice from Cliff Jarrett, Assistant Dean for the Office of Career Strategy at Washington and Lee University School of Law, on what you can do this summer and beyond to best position yourself for your legal career.

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New Supreme Court Chapter of the ABA's Federal Survey of Class Action Law Treatise

Class action practitioner Jordan Elias, who recently authored the new Supreme Court chapter of the ABA's Federal Survey of Class Action Law treatise discusses the addition with CADS co-chair Adam Polk, and provides insights on how the Supreme Court's approach to class actions has evolved over the years.

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Lawyer Well-Being During COVID-19: When We Need It Most

Jeanne Huey discusses the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being Report and its upcoming Lawyer Well-Being Week (May 2020), including an interview with Bree Buchanan (the task force co-founder and cochair and report co-author) about the importance of lawyer well-being now and the events and resources available to lawyers to look after their well-being and that of their colleagues.

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