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Recent Sound Advice

Coordinating North American Securities Class Actions: A Canadian Lawyer's Perspective: Part I

By Darryl Kyte - November 27, 2019 | Darryl Kyte, member of cross-border firm Morganti & Co., provides his opinions and insight into how to effectively coordinate United States and Canadian securities class actions in their early stages. The first in a two-part series.

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Practice Tips on What to Do After Missing a Filing Deadline in Federal Courts

In this sound advice, Alex Chan offers practice tips and best practices on dealing with missed filing deadlines in federal courts.

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Tips on Advising Commercial Landlords: Is It Worthwhile to Pursue Defaulting Tenants for Unpaid Rent?

In this Sound Advice, Jared Katz discusses six fundamental issues a lawyer advising a commercial landlord should consider when evaluating whether to sue a tenant for a default on a commercial lease.

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Tips from the Bench: Successfully Arguing Motions in a Court of Equity

In this Sound Advice, Alexander Wharton and Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins discuss how to prepare and prepare to win your motion in a Court of Equity regarding a matters of equity.

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Personal versus Professional Ethics

In this Sound Advice, Kasey Adams poses several questions of the listener regarding ethical requirements in the practice of law, specifically assessing Personal Ethics versus Professional Ethics - and whether they are, or should be, the same.

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Be Thankful for Business Development Because It Doesn't Have to be a Spooky Event

Business development is often one of the scariest tasks lawyers face. But with these tips from Emily Kirk turn this frightening task into one for which you will be thankful.

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What We Can Do to Help Domestic Violence Victims Daily

Most, if not all, attorneys interact with victims of domestic violence more frequently than they might be aware of. As such, they have the rare opportunity of helping to save the lives of domestic violence victims and helping survivors to end the cycle of domestic violence. In this Sound Advice, Eshigo Philomena Okasili offers some tips to help attorneys identify potential domestic violence issues and victims, as well as ways to help victims access effective legal representation and other appropriate resources in order to free themselves from domestic violence, empower themselves and thrive.

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Supreme Court Debates Application of the "Discovery Rule" to FDCPA Limitations Period

In Rotkiske v. Klemm, the Supreme Court is poised to decide whether the FDCPA’s limitations period can be enlarged by the "discovery rule.” The Court’s eventual ruling could have major implications for the FDCPA and beyond. In this Sound Advice, Mark Rooney (Consumer Litigation) and Anna-Rose Mathieson (Appellate Practice) discuss the central issues raised during the Court’s recent oral argument.

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Disqualifying an Expert Witness

Mitzi Shannon discusses one method for obtaining sufficient information to determine whether an expert witness designated by the plaintiff who may have previously worked as an attorney for a law firm that worked for the defendant on related issues can be disqualified.

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A Roadmap to Avoid Class Antitrust Claims

Lindsay Breedlove explains whether federal or state law governs the interpretation of arbitration clauses, whether antitrust claims "arise out of of" or "relate to" a distribution contract under the relevant law, and whether a broad arbitration provision can function as an implicit waiver of the right to pursue statutory antitrust claim in court.

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Leveraging the Incident Response Guide to Prepare for the CCPA

Jack Clabby, Joe Swanson and Steve Blickensderfer give practical advice on the attorneys’ role in a data security incident response guide, which is a key document in preparing for California’s new data privacy law, the CCPA.

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