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Basic Tips for Witness Preparation for Successful Deposition Testimony

By Ronald Williams – December 12, 2018 | A well-prepared witness is the key to a successful deposition. Here is a helpful guide for making sure your witness knows the law, understands the rules of engagement and is ready to provide measured, accurate responses.

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Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives on the Implications of the First Circuit’s Asacol Decision

By Britta Stamps, Brad Bodamer, Adam Polk, and Scott Grzenczyk – December 12, 2018 | Britta Stamps and Brad Bodamer offer the defendants' perspective on the First Circuit's recent class certification decision in the In re Asacol Antitrust Litigation, while Adam Polk and Scott Grzenczyk provide insights on the decision from the plaintiffs' side.

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Implicit Bias in the Legal Workplace

By Lezlie A. Griffin & Rebecca Sha – December 12, 2018 | Lezlie Griffin, the assistant dean of career development and diversity initiatives at Tulane Law School talks about implicit bias in the legal world. She shares what she's learned through conferences, personal experiences, observations, and the diversity and implicit bias program she has developed at Tulane Law School.

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Four Easy Things You Can Do to Dramatically Reduce the Risk of a Technical Problem Trial

By Shannon Bales - November 28, 2018 | Trial teams are often embarrassingly tripped up at trial by their technology. Take these “easy things" you can do to reduce risk and present better in the courtroom.

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The Importance of a Diverse Trial Team

By Amy Rudd and Ashley Carr – December 2, 2018 | Trial lawyers discuss the growing body of evidence demonstrating that diversity creates success—and why practitioners should diversify their trial teams and jury for better trial performance.

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Social Media: The Creation and Evolution of Regulation FD

Matt Allen & Trace Schmeltz – November 30, 2018 | This program explores the effective and compliant use of social media by corporate officers and directors of public companies, in light of the requirements of securities regulations requiring that any disclosure of material, non-public, information be made in a fair and even-handed manner to all investors.

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Six Tips for Effective Communication with In-House Counsel

David Schwan – November 25, 2018 | David Schwan, an in-house attorney for 4 years, shares his thoughts on six strategies for improving your communication with in-house counsel through efficient yet valuable means for your client's legal and business needs. (12:17 min)

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Putting Your First Year Exams in Perspective

Joshua Jones – November 20, 2018 | First year exams are stressful. Let's consider historical rites of passage, the Ming dynasty Confucian civil service exam, and your upcoming career in an effort to provide some perspective to the process. (12 minutes, 22 seconds)

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What Is a Forensic Accountant?

Rebecca Fitzhugh – November 19, 2018 | This informative Sound Advice will educate listeners about forensic accountants—what they are, how they are trained, how one is selected, issues to consider when choosing a forensic accountant, and much more. (8:39 min)

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Trends in Discovery for International Disputes

Neil T. Bloomfield – November 14, 2018 | International disputes present unique discovery challenges. Neil Bloomfield discusses three current challenges (i) GDPR restrictions on discovery, (ii) U.S.-based discovery in aid of foreign proceedings, and (iii) the preservation of ephemeral communications. (12:41 min.)

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What to Include in Your Engagement Letter

Alanna Clair – November 13, 2018 | This program addresses some common terms and issues to consider including in an engagement letter to reduce the risk of receiving a legal malpractice claim and to increase the likelihood of successfully defending such a claim. (12:17 min.)

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Spotting and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren – November 13, 2018 | Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren discuss behaviors that disproportionately affect women, how to spot gender bias, and what women can do to overcome gender bias. (10:45 min)

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Should You Take Discovery Before Mediating?

Joan Stearns Johnsen – November 6, 2018 | How much is enough? The earlier you mediate the greater the savings for your client. How can you take just enough so your settlement is rational and your client is happy. (2:35 min)

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Preparing For Your First Arbitration Pre-Hearing

Joan Stearns Johnsen – November 6, 2018 | Arbitration advocacy is the same as litigation advocacy and completely different. The Pre-Hearing Conference is the first opportunity to interact with your panel. Here are some tips so that even if it is your first arbitration pre-hearing conference, the panel will not know it. (3:24 min)

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