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Recent Sound Advice

Mentoring 101

By Eleni vanRoden – April 5, 2019 | Looking back to Kelsey Heino's informative talk on mentoring, this Sound Advice discusses different types of mentoring with ideas for expanding your perceptions of a mentorship. (12:26 min)

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Social Media and Marketing

By Alex Chan – April 2, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Mr. Alex Chan, a patent trial lawyer and a cofounder of a legal analytics startup, offers insights on how best to use social media for marketing and promoting your or your law firm's branding. (8:42 min)

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Mindfulness and Mental Health Tips for Lawyers in 2019

By David Schwan – March 31, 2019 | This Sound Advice covers five simple ways to improve your mental health as a practicing attorney, with specific tips centered around the benefits of mindfulness, the buzzword of our day. (11:52 min)

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Cross-Examining the Economic Damages Expert

By Christopher Ruhland and Nathan McClellan – March 28, 2019 | In this podcast, Christopher Ruhland and Nathan McClellan discuss two strategies for cross-examining an economic damages expert at trial.

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Examining a Witness's Non-Verbal Communication

By Chris A. Meyers – March 28, 2019 | In this segment, you will learn how to prepare your witness to produce strong nonverbal cues, positive body language, and to thrive under cross-examination.

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To Climb or Not to Climb

By Kasey Mitchell Adams – March 18, 2019 | This Sound Advice discusses business development tips and tricks for young lawyersβ€”how to "put yourself out there" without being a nuisance. (10:30 min)

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Preparing for Sentencing from the Beginning

By Jin-Ho King – March 2, 2019 | Guilt or innocence is often only half the battle; sentencing frequently follows. This program provides guidance to young attorneys on howβ€”and whenβ€”to prepare for a sentencing hearing. (7:11 min.)

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Using TAR in an Internal Investigation

By Joe Valenti and John Pappas – March 1, 2019 | If trained and applied appropriately, Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is an indispensable tool that can return more complete and accurate results than any human document review team, and also expedites the whole e-discovery process. In this podcast, listeners will learn exactly what TAR is, the advantages of using the software, and how it can help in an internal investigation. (10:34 min.)

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The Development of California's Choice-of-Law Analysis

By Jonathan Udell - February 28, 2019 | This podcast traces the development of California's choice-of-law analysis, from a place-of-the-wrong analysis, to the comparative impairment analysis, back to a place-of-the-wrong analysis, as described by the Ninth Circuit in Mazza v. American Honda Motor Co. (10:49 min.)

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The Transition from Clerking to Private Practice

By Christy Boardman – February 25, 2019 | This Sound Advice is a brief discussion on adjusting to a few differences between being a law clerk and being an associate in private practice. (6:52 min)

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