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Recent Sound Advice

Cross Border Tort Litigation

In this program, Paul Majkowski addresses issues and challenges in representing or coordinating the representation of a U.S. client in a foreign tort litigation, including balancing the U.S. strategy with the foreign legal system.

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Fraudulent Joinder

In this program, Donald Pocock reviews fraudulent joinder, a doctrine developed by federal courts to permit removal of diversity cases where a party (plaintiff or defendant) appears to destroy complete diversity.

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Demystifying Doc Review, E-Discovery, and Data

In the Sound Advice podcast, Jeffrey Licitra and Ernest Quarles begin by comparing e-discovery software to paper review practices to better understand how reviewer coding creates data. They describe one example of how that user-created data can be copied to Excel to generate a meaningful insight into an investigation.

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5 General Tips for Writing to the Court from the Perspective of a Federal Law Clerk

Effective legal briefs often must persuade not only the judge, but the judge's law clerk. Timothy Hughes provides five valuable legal writing tips from the perspective of a former federal clerk.

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Tips to Finish Strong with an Effective Appellate Reply Brief

Many litigators squander the great opportunity to have the last word in the reply brief. Follow these tips, presented by Nicholas Brown, to finish strong and maximize your chances of winning.

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The Book on Daubert: Three Key Strategies for Preparing Your Witness, and Three for the Attack

Appellate attorney Allen Bonner discusses three strategies for preparing for and prevailing against Daubert challenges to your expert witness, along with three tips you can employ to mount Daubert challenges of your own.

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Immigration Tips for Family Lawyers

By Eshigo P. Okasili β€” July 2, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Eshigo P. Okasili review a few immigration issues which family lawyers should consider when representing new citizens and non-citizens.

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Best Practices for Using an Origin and Cause Expert

By Chelsea Smith - July 1, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Chelsea Smith gives a summary of the best practices for the use of experts in determining the origin and cause of a fire or explosion.

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Unique Perspectives and Advice on Feeling Like Not Belonging as a Diverse Attorney

John A. Martinez is the Director of Litigation Operations for USAA. He describes a unique situation as a young attorney in which he felt like he did not belong in the courtroom as a diverse attorney and was put on the spot by a judge. He also provides advice to new attorneys on how to deal with feeling like not belonging, whether it is in the courthouse or at the workplace as a diverse attorney.

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