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Recent Sound Advice

Recent Cases in Cryptocurrency

In this podcast, Lynda Grant reviews three recent and important cases in the development of the law relating to cryptocurrency: Berk v. Coinbase; SEC v. Telegram; and SEC v. Kik Interactive.

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Board Diversity Derivative Litigation Discussion

When it comes to racial diversity, equality, and inclusion, the corporate boards of directors are facing scrutiny from institutional investors, legislators, the American Public and the plaintiffs’ securities bar. Since July 2020, shareholder plaintiffs have filed a new wave of shareholder derivative complaints against directors of prominent public companies, alleging breach of fiduciary duty, failure of oversight, and proxy violations for alleged failure to include diverse directors on their boards and to assure diversity in the corporate rank and file – despite alleged public commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. This 15 minute podcast with Troutman Pepper litigators Pam Palmer, Howard Privette and Alex Peurach, tells you what you need to know about this new wave of derivative litigation and parallel developments in public and private sectors to push companies faster toward diversity and inclusion.

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What Your Multinational Clients Need to Know About Ontario’s Revamped Class Actions Legislation

On October 1, 2020, substantive amendments to Ontario’s Class Proceedings Act, 1992 came into force for the first time in over 25 years. On this Sound Advice, Bennett Jones associate Katrina Crocker discusses the top ten changes you need to know.

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Remote Trials and Best Practices

Due to the coronavirus, we find ourselves in the world of remote proceedings. Courts and counsel around the country have been using web conference and screen sharing platforms for facilitating those remote trials. But hosting counsel and witnesses remotely is not new in litigation – it’s just becoming increasingly necessary in today’s environment and introduces us to a new way to keep litigation moving forward.

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Key Considerations for Forensic Examinations

Seyfarth's Dawn Mertineit discusses the importance of forensic examination of electronic devices, as well as some key considerations to be aware of in planning and executing the analysis.

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Pandemic Pointers: Employment Law Lessons Learned from the COVID Crisis

In this Sound Advice, Kelsey Heino will address four principle takeaways from the COVID pandemic and forward-looking strategies for employers.

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The Ford Personal Jurisdiction Cases: A Preview to Oral Argument in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will soon hear oral argument in the Ford cases. Goodwin products liability and appellate partners Sarah Frederick and Jaime Santos discuss why the specific personal jurisdiction question raised in this petition is important and what we might expect to hear from the current Court on the issue.

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COVID-19 and the Tuition Refund Class Actions

Since March 2020, more than 200 tuition refund class actions have been filed against universities because of COVID-19 campus closures. In this podcast, Don Frederico and Melanie Conroy of Pierce Atwood LLP describe the cases, discuss the legal challenges they present, and forecast future developments.

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