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Recent Sound Advice

An Interview with Transgender Lawyer and Activist Joanne Wheeler Bland: Part 2

Joanne Wheeler Bland discusses the public turn her coming out story took after interviews with her were published in the newspaper, the role she assumed as spokesperson for the trans community and a guide and counselor to other trans persons, and how her career changed.

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Bend, Don't Break: Strategies for Cultivating Resilience in the Face of the Coronavirus and Other Life Stressors

Resilience – or the ability to adapt in the face of obstacles or negative events – has been shown to be a core determinant of individuals’ ability to cope with major life stressors or crises, such as those presented by the coronavirus pandemic. In this podcast, Elina Teboul and Jordana Confino present a framework for developing a personal resilience plan that will leave listeners better equipped to handle the current public health crisis as well as any other current and future challenges.

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Liu v. SEC: Civil Disgorgement on the Chopping Block

By Matthew P. Allen – March 2, 2020 | In this Sound Advice, Matthew P. Allen summarizes the parties' legal positions in Liu, and offers a structure to defend an SEC disgorgement action.

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Overcoming Hearsay Objections to Electronic Evidence

By Ashley Heilprin – February 26, 2020 | Ashley Heilprin provides quick tips for planning ahead to introduce evidence and overcoming objections to hearsay with respect to electronic evidence.

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An Interview with Transgender Lawyer and Activist Joanne Wheeler Bland: Part 1

Joanne Wheeler Bland discusses coming out as transgender in the midst of a busy law practice in Kentucky, and how she handled her relationships with judges, opposing counsel, and clients.

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Supercharge Your Law Practice Through Character Strengths

Understanding and utilizing your greatest strengths will enable you to not only increase your self-awareness and ability to manage stress, but will also supercharge your law practice. In this podcast, Elina Teboul and Jordana Confino discuss how to identify your signature strengths and ways to more fully apply them in the workplace.

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How to Become a Special Masterβ€”a Roundtable Preview

Debby Greenspan and Randi Roth, two accomplished female Special Masters, will give you a preview of the upcoming WAC Roundtable on the "How-To's" and benefits of becoming a Special Master and the push to increase diversity in the field.

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