August 17, 2017 Articles

Tips for Finding and Vetting Expert Witnesses

By taking an organized approach, using available resources, and knowing what questions to ask, retaining an expert can be done efficiently and effectively.

By Kate Mahan and Heather Menezes

Regardless of your litigation practice area, the time will come when you are in need of an expert witness. Needing an expert usually means you have encountered issues that require specialized knowledge, and often in a field you have not had to deal with before. Given the world of information and potential resources now available, the task of identifying a credible, qualified expert can be daunting. This is especially so given that your expert’s ultimate opinion often is the critical component to establish your case, or to refute the opposing party’s case. So, where do you begin? Undoubtedly, there are many methods for researching, identifying, vetting, and ultimately retaining an expert. This article proposes a method for doing so both efficiently and effectively.

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