Recent Practice Points

Checklist of Potential FCA Risks for Healthcare Providers Receiving CARES Act Funds

By Mark Mermelstein, Ellen Murphy, and Rachelle Navarro – October 29, 2020 | Following this guidance is not only a way to help potentially avoid legal scrutiny, but it should be considered part of best practices.

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Federal Criminal Tax Charges and DOJ Tax Division Conference Requests

By Caroline Rule – December 5, 2019 | Always request a DOJ Tax Division conference as soon as it appears that your client may face federal criminal tax charges.

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From Indictment to Forfeiture: What's Yours Is (Now) Mine

By Jin-Ho King – December 5, 2019 | A primer on criminal forfeiture and some of the traps along the way.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Cyber-Crimes and Practical Tips for Attorneys to Interpret Geek Speak

Sean Renshaw and Greg Naviloff provide insight for attorneys on commonly asked questions with respect to forensic cyber-crime investigation response. (19:48 min.)

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Preparing for Sentencing from the Beginning

Guilt or innocence is often only half the battle; sentencing frequently follows. This program provides guidance to young attorneys on how—and when—to prepare for a sentencing hearing. (7:11 min.)

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Criminal Litigation

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