Must You Take "No" for an Answer?

By Martin Woodward – May 21, 2019 | Options after an adverse Rule 23(f) ruling in theory and practice.

A Circuit Split Arises over the Admissibility of Evidence on Class Certification

By Fred Burnside and Lauren Rainwater – May 21, 2019 | The Ninth Circuit broke from its sister courts in concluding that evidence considered on a motion for class certification need not be admissible evidence.

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The D.C. Circuit Affirms Denial of Class Certification Because Antitrust Plaintiffs Failed to Offer Proof of Classwide Injury

By Scott D. Carlton – September 13, 2019 | The court’s opinion provides excellent guidance to counsel handling class action claims.

California Supreme Court Adopts Relaxed Approach to Ascertainability Requirement in False Advertising Case

By Adam Polk – August 27, 2019 | The plaintiff alleged that an inflatable pool's packaging suggested the pool was able to hold four adults comfortably, when in reality, the pool had difficulty accommodating four children.

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Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives on the Implications of the First Circuit’s Asacol Decision

By Britta Stamps, Brad Bodamer, Adam Polk, and Scott Grzenczyk – December 12, 2018 | Britta Stamps and Brad Bodamer offer the defendants' perspective on the First Circuit's recent class certification decision in the In re Asacol Antitrust Litigation, while Adam Polk and Scott Grzenczyk provide insights on the decision from the plaintiffs' side.

Interview Series: Women in Class Actions (Part 2)

By Lindsay Breedlove and Jan Levine – April 17, 2018 | In Part 2 of our interview series, Jan Levine, a partner at Pepper Hamilton LLP in Philadelphia, sat down with Lindsay Breedlove, also a litigator at Pepper Hamilton, to share her experience as a member of the class action defense bar with significant leadership experience in large class actions. (15:47)

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