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Our programs in the region enhance legal education, strengthen the legal profession and coordinate efforts to combat transnational crime.

Featured project

Featured project


For nearly five years, ABA ROLI has worked closely with Mexico’s academic sector in order to promote the adaptation of law schools to the country’s nascent accusatorial criminal justice system. Since 2008, Mexico’s criminal justice system has been transitioning from an inquisitorial to an accusatorial model, and from a writing-based approach to one that uses oral trials featuring live witness testimony and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

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ABA ROLI Trains Legal Actors on Responses to Illegal Mining in Peru

Regional council

Our council members share a wide range of experiences and competencies and support our commitment to promote justice, economic opportunity and human dignity through the rule of law.

Laura V. Farber (chair)
Raquel Aldana
Dale W. Cottam
Miles L. Plaskett
Eileen Jones
Eduardo Roberto Rodriquez
Carlos Urrutia, Sr.

Special Advisors
Marcelo E. Bombau
Hon. Peter J. Messitte