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Since 2016, ABA ROLI has worked in Peru to support the country's criminal justice system transition to an adversarial accusatory system. Our current program, Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP-2) aims to build on the success of its five-year INL-funded JSSP-1 program. This new one-year project targets several regions and all 34 judicial districts of Peru; and focuses on supporting Peruvian authorities’ efforts to consolidate and build on judicial reforms; improving Peru’s capacity to combat complex crimes; preventing and detecting corruption in justice sector institutions; and supporting the strengthening of equitable and fair access to justice, especially for vulnerable populations and indigenous communities.

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Regional council

Our council members share a wide range of experiences and competencies and support our commitment to promote justice, economic opportunity and human dignity through the rule of law.

Luz E. Nagle, Council Chair
Daniel L. Appelman
Paul Figueroa
Luis Ricardo Paredes Mansfield
Claudia L. Martin
Judith A. Wilson

Special Advisors
Eduardo Benavides
James K. Jackson
Rachel Lopez
Mary Beth Lyon
Hon. Peter J. Messitte
Carlos Urrutia, Sr.