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February 21, 2019 In the Stacks

The Tax Lawyer Streamlines Publication

By Professor T. Keith Fogg, Director of the Federal Tax Clinic, Harvard Law School, Jamaica Plain, MA

We are pleased to announce that The Tax Lawyer is improving its publication process to ensure timely publication of all the important material on federal, state, and local taxation.  Starting this year, the journal will include state and local tax (SALT) articles along with non-SALT articles in every issue.

Beginning in 2007, The Tax Lawyer dedicated its summer issue to the publication of SALT articles. Having a single annual SALT issue, however, meant SALT authors often waited up to 12 months for publication. Moreover, because the summer issue was reserved for SALT articles, non-SALT articles were often held over during the summer for the fall issue, resulting in lack of timely publication for them as well.  In order to minimize delays for all authors, the journal has decided to include SALT and non-SALT articles in each of the four annual issues.  We are also working closely with our new partners in the LL.M. in Taxation program at Northwestern University to ensure that the editing process can be handled more quickly and that issues are published on schedule.

Accordingly, The Tax Lawyer now welcomes contributions from authors on any tax topic throughout the year.  The editors will work with authors to ensure expeditious publication of their articles. Submission instructions may be found at