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Jurimetrics Summer 2021

Volume 61 Issue 4  



Visualizing a Way Forward: Lessons Learned and Successful Strategies from COVID-19 Data Dashboard Implementation

ABSTRACT: During a crisis, acquiring information as quickly and accurately as possible helps decision-makers determine the optimal solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. However, the pandemic promptly revealed that the United States lacks the proper infrastructure for real-time data collection and reporting, delaying crucial information about hospitalizations, health care resources, and even COVID-19 infections and deaths.


The Hollow Rhetoric of Evergreening

ABSTRACT: Evergreening—the act of improving preexisting technology and patenting those improvements—is beneficial. This Comment focuses on the concept of evergreening, a negative term generally used to criticize the patenting practices of pharmaceutical companies. As explained herein, the term, which is of little analytical value given the absence of the concept from judicial opinions, is conceptually directed to a societally beneficial practice. If used at all, evergreening should be viewed as a positive act.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AI) Virtual National Institute | October 12-13, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the electricity of the 21st century and its legal implications are vast and challenging. AI is everywhere and impacts many things, including hospitals, consumer finance, transportation, retail, human rights, and privacy rights. As a result, your practice and your clients are affected by it every day.