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April 02, 2021

Post Disaster Resources and Assistance consolidates information about federally funded government assistance to disaster victims, and provides an online application to some of these programs

The Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) has authority over the federal response to disasters.  Learn more

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers low interest loans to individuals and businesses, regardless of size,  to help rebuild from disaster related damages. Learn more

Some disaster related benefits are administered by state, county and local entities.  These may include, for example, food stamps or unemployment insurance offered to workers temporarily or permanently displaced by a disaster.  State emergency management offices can provide information about these benefits. For a nation wide listing and contact information for these agencies Click here.

There are dozens of voluntary agencies that provide relief to disaster victims.  This may include short term relief, such as the provision of food, clothing and shelter, as well as help with long term recovery efforts. The following is  a partial listing of national entities.

Information for Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Information for Hurricane Katrina Aftermath