November 20, 2018

Resources for Lawyers & Law Firms

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from a burst pipe to a “Katrina sized” event. Regardless of the size and scope, lawyers must take steps to protect their practices and serve their clients – and possibly other victims affected by a disaster. The resources below will help lawyers and firms prepare for and respond to disasters.

Technology Resources

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) can help you and your firm in disaster preparedness.

LTRC can help with:

  • Best practices for computer backup and disposal
  • Business continuity
  • Checklists for Disaster Preparedness
  • Tech Resources for Disaster Relief
  • Checklist to help you get your practice up and running after a disaster
  • Hotline for technology consultation after a disaster
  • Information on available local and national technology resources

Disaster Planning and Recovery for Law Firms


Law Practice Management Resources

Several online-converted articles address planning, recovery, and continuity of a disaster-struck law firm. These articles are published in the ABA's Law Practice Management Section. Representative articles include:

Lawyer Assistance Programs

Following a disaster it is normal to feel sad, angry, and overwhelmed.  The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance can   identify local and state assistance programs to help you cope with the effects of a disaster. 


Keep in Touch with the ABA

If you are an ABA member and have been temporarily or permanently dislocated due to a disaster, please contact the ABA service center (1-800-285-2221) or go on line to change your address.