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Market Check Video Series

Market Check Video Series

Access to engaging and practical online content to support your practice is more important than ever. The Business Law Section has teamed up with Hotshot (a provider of digital learning to the legal industry) to create a video series on M&A market checks, available free for Section members. The series contains short, engaging videos on advanced M&A provisions, including:

  • Analysis of trends and data from the Private Target Deal Points study
  • Materiality Scrapes
  • Sandbagging
  • Claims 'If True'
  • Indemnifiable Losses
  • Updating Disclosure Schedules
  • Fraud Carve-Outs
  • No-Shops
  • Drafting and negotiating tips
  • Practice points
  • And more

To Earn CLE

If you’d like to earn CLE credit for watching the market check videos you can watch the videos as part of these CLE tracks: