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The Model Business Corporation Act Resource Center provides easy access to the current version of the Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA) and various resource materials related to the MBCA. The MBCA is a Model Act promulgated and periodically amended by the ABA Business Law Section’s Corporate Laws Committee.

MBCA Enactment Map

As of January 1, 2023

As of January 1, 2023

MBCA Current Version

Recommended Books

MBCA Enactment Toolkit

Proposed Amendments of the MBCA

Corporate Laws Committee Reports on MBCA Amendments

View all committee reports on MBCA Amendments.

MBCA Newsletters

Recent State MBCA Enactments and Amendments

Prior Versions of the MBCA

Upcoming MBCA Programs

Check out the Corporate Laws Committee page for events and programs. 

Prior MBCA Workshops and CLE Programs

White Papers and Other Resource Materials

MBCA State Liaisons

State Liaisons to the Corporate Laws Committee keep the Committee abreast of corporate law developments in their respective states (primarily amendments of corporation laws and other legislation and important judicial decisions relating to corporation laws).  The Committee endeavors to keep State Liaisons abreast of amendments of the MBCA and solicits their comments from time to time with respect to proposed amendments and other matters.