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Type: Direct Certification, Approved/Recommended Private Certification Programs recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and approved by Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

State Programs: Workers Compensation Law

Approved programs: Business Bankruptcy, Civil Practice Advocacy, Civil Trial Advocacy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Complex Litigation, Creditors' Rights, Criminal Law Trial Advocacy, Elder Law, Family Law Trial Advocacy, Patent Litigation, Social Security Disability

Regulatory scheme:  Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 7.4(b) says that upon "recommendation of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania may organization that certifies lawyers, if the Court finds that: (1)  advertising by a lawyer of certification by the certifying organization will provide meaningful information, which is not false, misleading or deceptive, for use of the public in selecting or retaining a lawyer; and (2)  certification by the organization is available to all lawyers who meet objective and consistently applied standards relevant to practice in the area of the law to which the certification relates."

Ursula Marks, Committee Relations Coordinator
Pennsylvania Bar Association Review and Certifying Board
800/932-0311, ext. 2206


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