Directory User Agreement

Access to the contents of this Member Directory including all information contained therein (the “Directory”) is provided to ABA Members (“Users”) only upon the User’s express consent to the Terms of Use and the additional terms described herein.  The ABA hereby provides authorized Users (limited to those who are Users who consent to the Terms of Use and the additional terms described herein (“Authorized Users”)) a non-exclusive license, with no right to sublicense, a limited right to access the Directory solely for the Authorized User’s personal, non-commercial use (“Limited License”).  Authorized User acknowledges that, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, the ABA is the copyright holder of the Directory and any other use, except for the Limited License granted herein, is not authorized by the ABA.  Authorized User further agrees that it is an express breach of this Limited License to use any kind of automated software or service to collect, or otherwise obtain access, any part of the Directory.  Authorized User further understands that the Directory is provided solely for informational purposes and that the ABA does not warrant the accuracy of any information in the Directory, nor does the ABA endorse, recommend, or approve any individual, firm or entity in the Directory.  Authorized User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the ABA for all damages, harm or loss, including for attorney fees and costs, arising in any way from Authorized User’s asserted breach of this Limited License.