Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from theft and damage. The ABA monitors key ethical issues and special considerations regarding cybersecurity and the legal profession.


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Cybersecurity News and Information


Threat Information Sharing Under GDPR

The EU’s GDPR is intended to protect the fundamental rights of EU data subjects. Yet, an ironic and unforeseen effect of GDPR has been to stifle the practice of threat information sharing, in turn increasing the threat of successful cyberattacks. As cyberattacks continue to increase in number and sophistication, threat information sharing may (and should) be employed by banks, brokers, insurance carriers, and other areas of critical infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and prevent the spread of successful cyberattacks to other organizations. This article addresses threat information sharing and discusses why it is lawful under GDPR.


How Much Is Data Security Worth?

In this era of big data and interconnectivity, critical information assets often are at the core of evolving business models, and the value of data is increasing daily. By the same token, growing volumes of personal and financial customer data are exposing their stewards to greater risk from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks or larger, more harmful lapses in security. Determining the right level of investment in cybersecurity can be challenging, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. This article proposes one method for assessing the value of investing in cybersecurity measures.