The construction industry intersects with real estate, public contracts, labor and many other related areas of law. Construction laws protect industry participants including financial institutions, architects, construction workers, planners, and occupants .


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Forum on Construction Law

37 years after its 1976 founding, the ABA Forum on Construction Law has grown to be the largest organization of construction lawyers in the world. Consistent with its mission of “Building the Best Construction Lawyers,” the Forum is widely recognized as the leading provider of high-quality CLE on the full range of construction law topics, delivering higher quality programs at significantly lower prices than competing commercial seminar companies, and covering a far broader range of topics than the construction law interest groups within individual state bar associations. The construction and design industry is the largest single industry in the U.S., and Forum members represent all segments of the industry, including owners, design professionals, contractors, construction managers, integrated design-builders, subcontractors, suppliers, insurers, and sureties.

Can Boilerplate Raise Contracts of the Dead from the Grave?

Trusts & Estates

Can Boilerplate Raise Contracts of the Dead from the Grave?

When death arrives, must the estate attempt to channel the decedent’s skills and complete any remaining contractual duties? The outcome does not always hinge solely on whether the remaining duties are personal services. Instead, the intent of the parties is paramount. Courts disagree whether boilerplate, such as clauses that the contract is “binding on successors or assigns,” or is “binding on heirs, executors, and administrators,” reflects the intent of the parties and causes personal service contracts to survive a party’s death.