Civic Education

Great civic education produces an enlightened, responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and abroad.


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Civic Education News and Information

Civic Education

New ABA Civic Literacy Survey reveals knowledge gaps

The ABA celebrated Law Day May 1 with the release of a new national Survey of Civic Literacy and other programs related to the 2019 Law Day theme of “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” The survey measures the public’s support for the First Amendment, public understanding of how it applies in everyday situations and general knowledge about the law, the government and the U.S. Constitution. While the report demonstrates strong support for the First Amendment, it reveals some troubling gaps in the public’s basic civic literacy.

Courts & Judiciary

Judicial Outreach Resource Center

The Judicial Outreach Network Committee has gathered resources from within the ABA, state and federal courts, and other national and local organizations, to be used by judges for outreach activities.