Antitrust laws protect consumers from anti-competitive business practices like price fixing, patent misuse, and forced group boycotting.


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Can Boilerplate Raise Contracts of the Dead from the Grave?

Trusts & Estates

Can Boilerplate Raise Contracts of the Dead from the Grave?

When death arrives, must the estate attempt to channel the decedent’s skills and complete any remaining contractual duties? The outcome does not always hinge solely on whether the remaining duties are personal services. Instead, the intent of the parties is paramount. Courts disagree whether boilerplate, such as clauses that the contract is “binding on successors or assigns,” or is “binding on heirs, executors, and administrators,” reflects the intent of the parties and causes personal service contracts to survive a party’s death.


Navigating the “Maize” of Biotech Regulation in the Food Industry

Technological advances in agriculture, such as genetically engineered foods, have the potential to increase yield, reduce disease, and address dietary deficiencies; but, for those involved in the food industry, adopting new technologies is becoming a complicated, confusing, and potentially risky endeavor, especially as consumer demands for transparency grow. Advising clients about biotechnology now involves compliance, risk management, litigation concerns, contractual indemnity, food safety, trade, traceability, and consumer perceptions.