Comment-Dolan V. City of Tigard, 114 S. Ct. 2309 (1994): The Poor Relation Strikes It Rich
Georgette C. Poindexter
COMMENT--DoLAN V. CITY OF TZGARD, 114 S. Ct, 2309 (1994): THE POOR RELATION STRIKES IT RICH Georgette C. Poindexter' I. INTRODUCTION 11. FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY m. THE MAJORITY OPIN~ON k Two-step Test I. Essential Nexus 2. Rough Proportionality B. Burden of Proof C. The Decision IV. DISSENTING OPINIONS V. CONCLUSION The United States Supreme Court recently analyzed, in DoIan v. City of Tigard,' the constitutional legitimacy of "exactions," conditions placed upon the issuance of a building...