July 17, 2013


In addition to the monthly ABA Journal, the world's most read legal publication, the ABA publishes over 100 specialty periodicals through its Sections, Divisions and Forums. Generally, these periodicals are available as a benefit to our members and to libraries that purchase subscriptions. Some are available for sale at shopaba.org.


Join the ABA to receive the monthly ABA Journal for free and join an ABA Section, Division or Forum for access to specialized periodical content, usually included as a benefit of membership.

The ABA's scholarly journals are frequently cited in briefs and major decisions. The ABA publishes the monthly ABA Journal which is available in print to most ABA members and on the web to everyone; the ABA Journal also provides widely-available content between issues through social media and other means. Additionally, many Sections, Divisions and Forums also publish regular print or electronic journals, some exclusively available to members and others available to everyone.

The ABA's print and electronic newsletters analyze the latest developments in specialty legal fields and are typically delivered by email. The ABA publishes the weekly Member Pulse and monthly YourABA eNewsletters, both available solely to ABA members.  Sections, Divisions and Forums also publish regular newsletters or eNewsletters.

The magazines produced by ABA Sections, Divisions and Forums have won more than 200 national awards for editorial excellence and design. Some Sections, Divisions and Forums publish print magazines or online webzines.

Members of the ABA who are intersted in supporting periodicals as an author typically work with their Section, Division or Forum publishing committee.  Authors interested in working with the ABA Journal should pitch them.