February 07, 2018


The American Bar Association and its dedicated members author over 1,000 books, periodicals, and newsletters each year; exploring broad areas of practice, specific topics of law, and issues of debate. Our member-authors are recognized as leaders in their field supporting the rule of law through education.

Join the ABA and save an average of 25% on ABA books. The ABA also offers book discounts to libraries.

Exclusively for Bar Associations, ABA Books for Bars provides discounts on ABA books for your members and additional non-dues revenue for your Bar!

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Are you interested in writing for the ABA? Or do you just have a great topic for an ABA book?

The ABA is a well-respected publisher that is known for providing attorneys with trusted legal resources. The ABA has the publishing staff in place to professionally publish and market legal books. If you are intersted in becoming an author for the ABA, or if you have a topic that would make a great ABA book, contact us to learn more.

You can also Download the Author Guidelines and submit your book proposal to the ABA.