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In 1215, the Magna Carta was sealed underneath the ancient Ankerwycke Yew tree, starting the process which led to rule by constitutional law -- in effect, giving rights and the law to the people. And today, the ABA’s Ankerwycke line of books continues to bring the law to the people.

With legal fiction, true crime books, popular legal histories, public policy handbooks, and prescriptive guides to current legal and business issues, Ankerwycke is a contemporary and innovative line of books for everyone from a trusted and vested authority.


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Stolen Legacy:
Nazi Theft and the
Quest for Justice
at Krausenstrasse
17/18, Berlin

By Dina Gold

"An exceptional adventure in Holocaust literature.  Dina Gold combines investigative journalism with a keen sense of history to uncover a story everyone should read."-Marvin Kalb, a Harvard professor emeritus, now senior adviser to Pulitzer Center, former network correspondent.

Supreme Ambitions:
A Novel

By David Lat

"[F]or an elite niche... Supreme Ambitions has become the most buzzed-about novel of the year."
-- Alexandra Alter, New York Times

Courtship: A Novel of Life, Love, and the Law
By RL Sommer
(A pseudonym of Ronald Goldfarb)

“Courtship gives you a sweet remembrance of love in a memorable story. Enjoy!”--Kitty Kelley, New York Times bestselling author

A Triumph of Genius:
Edwin Land,
Polaroid, and the
Kodak Patent War

By Ronald K. Fierstein

The book will appeal to photographic historians but will also have a wider resonance for those interested in business history, management theory, and the history of science.”--Dr. Michael Pritchard FRPS, Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society

The 116: The True Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Lost Guard
By James P. Muehlberger 

The 116 paints a provocative portrait of the ‘civil war’ between Free-State and Pro-Slavery forces that tore Missouri and the Kansas Territory apart in the 1850's, and provides a vivid portrayal of the battles pertaining to the protection and abolition of slavery that riled Congress on both a federal and state level, eventually leading to the eruption of war in 1861.